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How symptoms to illness, including Covid-19, may offer insight into our general health.

The impact of Covid-19 has been globally devastating, and it has touched all our lives to a greater or lesser degree. Fortunately, the majority of people that have been infected by the Corona virus, develop mild to moderate symptoms of Covid-19, but what is apparent is that symptoms differ greatly between individuals affected. Why is this and could it offer us insight into how we can protect ourselves from general illness in the future?

Loss of sense of smell has been identified as a major symptom of Covid-19 infection. From a Traditional Acupuncture perspective, the nose is the sense organ that is associated with the Lung, so this symptom does not surprise Acupuncturists, given Covid-19, as with the majority of respiratory tract infections, primarily attacks the Lung, cough also being a principle symptom.

Acupuncture works by strengthening the body’s internal vital energy via acupuncture points, that lie in 12 main channel systems, each channel being aligned with an organ of the body. People recovering from respiratory infections may benefit by having points along the Lung channel tonified (or strengthened) to help rebuild their Lung health.

What about other symptoms of illness, such as fatigue for example? Our Kidney vital energy can be depleted by illness (in addition to physical and mental overwork and the aging process itself); so if this has been a main symptom of any illness you have suffered, treating points on the Kidney channel to replenish Kidney energy will be in order, and such points are routinely used to help rebuild general health after illness.

If looser stools or diarrhoea is a key symptom, this can indicate a deficiency in the digestive channels of the Spleen and Stomach. Appetite is very often also affected by illness – this too suggests that the energy within these organ systems may be deficient and indeed Stomach 36 (St 36) is a key point, used to tonify the body following illnesses; it being strongly associated with fortifying the body’s ability to assimilate nutrients from our food.

Covid-19 is an example of a disease that manifests differently in people, but it is not alone, with many illnesses manifesting symptoms differently in individuals. Acupuncturists, through an understanding of the differences in the signs and symptoms of a person’s condition (often subtle), devise personalised treatment plans to focus treatment to the organ systems that are primarily displaying dis- ease within them and so promote a general strengthening of the body and an accompanying sense of well-being. This may impact our general immunity and resistance to future infectious illnesses.

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